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About TRI

TRI is in it's 19th year of providing lead generation services to the insurance industry. Our customers are both individual agents and corporate marketing departments. We offer auto/home leads, services for life, health, commercial, new product testing, etc.

From our inception, we made a commitment to utilizing leading edge technology. We have both networked computerized workstations associated with predictive dialer systems and computerized work stations for projects that do not need a predictive dialer system. Also, along with our hardware and software capability, we have quality computer consultants on contract to provide us with a wide range of services that our customers may need for their projects including various reporting options.

Being located in the upper Midwest allows us to draw on a relatively educated labor market that reflects in more articulate interactions with prospects and better results. We constantly monitor the local wage scales and are committed to always offering a competitive wage in order to bring in quality employees. Obviously this impacts our pricing to our customers, but the bottom line is that we want to produce results for our customers.

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